Samah Al-Nachawati

Just keep swimming.

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Nature is a constant reminder that there is beauty in temporary. No matter how harsh the weather is, or how long winter stretches over it never takes away the flower’s strength and chance to grow again. Give yourself time and nourishment- landscapes do change. We are taken from the roots of our comfort and are forced to replant ourselves, over and over again. It is a cycle- a process of growth and adaptability. Realizing that though this world was built for us, we are not made for this world. We are here for a purpose, and then we must let go.

Maybe that’s why nature goes through so much change. To teach us, that no matter how deep our roots are connected to this world, we like nature must be open to let go and trust God to guide us through the changes.

There are challenges ahead, and conditions that may place a threat to the state of the seeds within us. No matter how much damage it feels like the storm had-seasons change again and if you hold on and learn that the key element to growth is a trust and love both in God and oneself, you will blossom with life. Change brings us back to God, telling us that it will be okay and what we lost will in one form or another return to us again.

It is so difficult to remember, but there is beauty in change and meaning in letting go. It is a spiritual journey, a form of activism to live so deeply in this world and train the heart to love itself and return to God with each step.

“If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you.”-Noor Shirazie