Samah Al-Nachawati

Just keep swimming.

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#1: 10 Blessings

1) A loving family

2) Beautiful company

3) Laughter. Today, I made new memories with old friends and a new friendship that was sparked from laughter. It’s incredible how a good laugh can bring people together.

4) Green tea and white hot chocolate from Second Cup

5) Being yourself, and loving every moment of it.

6) That there is an endless number of good books to read

7) Good teachers, that in moments of doubt you can still hear their guidance. Even when you have graduated their classrooms, they’re still teaching you.

8) Nature

9)  Disney movies: Finding Nemo (just keep swimming), Mulan…

10) Slowly creating/becoming part of a space where you can ask questions and learn without judgement or fear. Being around people who encourage and challenge you.



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The process of writing can feel like smashing repeatedly into a brick wall, no matter how much you try you can’t get to the other side. No matter the attempts, you can’t seem to give your feelings and experiences words to hold onto.

It is an overwhelming feeling, and the weight of the empty papers sit with you. Writing can be so difficult sometimes.

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Salt Water

It’s so therapeutic tossing your memories into large bodies of water: lakes, oceans; cleansing them from the bitterness of the past.

Salt water does wonders, sometimes.

But it’s the nights when the waves rush back to shore- carrying every loss and regret, hitting you all at once before they settle in. It repeats, one wave after another. Shoreline soaked. No matter how much you try, it becomes an impossible task not to get wet, wounds and all.

Salt water burns before it heals.