Samah Al-Nachawati

Just keep swimming.

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Salt Water

It’s so therapeutic tossing your memories into large bodies of water: lakes, oceans; cleansing them from the bitterness of the past.

Salt water does wonders, sometimes.

But it’s the nights when the waves rush back to shore- carrying every loss and regret, hitting you all at once before they settle in. It repeats, one wave after another. Shoreline soaked. No matter how much you try, it becomes an impossible task not to get wet, wounds and all.

Salt water burns before it heals.


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Leaves of Change

And who said change wasn’t beautiful? Don’t you see the colours of the leaves? How they change and decorate the world? How graceful they are as they let go of the branches they once couldn’t live without. And even when the cold winds blow, and the snow freezes where the soft leaves once used to be, the trees still stand tall until spring showers them again.  The lessons in nature are so peaceful and in sync with our lives. If we only paid attention to the beauty of nature.