Samah Al-Nachawati

Just keep swimming.

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10 Things I Know to be True

1. Loving yourself is central for all other loves to grow.

2. Going on a marathon of shows is the best procrastination method. (Watching The Office right now- and really Pam should have been manager after Michael left)

3. If you’re sleeping through 10 alarms set right after each other- it’s time to fix your sleeping patterns.

4. Everything tastes better when your mom makes it.

5. The chair in your bedroom is really there to see how high you can pile your clothes before they fall on the ground.

6. Choose wisely who and what you invest your love and time in.

7. Park dates or just taking walks around the neighborhood are always needed.

8. Make time to pray. Make time to remind yourself that there is something bigger than the small world you live in and that your roots were never planted here.

9. Respect people’s “spaces”, including yours. Give yourself the time and space you need to think and make decisions on your own. This helps develop self-trust. Don’t take that space away from yourself or anyone else: it’s integral for developing the relationship one has with themselves

10. Most times all you really need is a good book and a cup of tea.